From the moment of the foundation of the organization, the certain processes directed to provision to clients of goods/services begin to proceed. In most cases, the happening processes aren’t optimum that leads to the inefficient expenditure of resources which are always limited which makes so important to adjust business process management in it.

In principle, there are no processes which aren’t important for the organization. There are processes which aren’t important for the consumer, but without them, the organization won’t be able effectively to function. There are also processes which the company should refuse because they aren’t necessary to either the external client or the company. It is more correct to speak about the priority of describing existing business processes, their analysis, optimization and further fixed enhancement.


Naturally, first of all, pay attention to those divisions which directly interact with clients. I.e. all these processes thanks to which value for the buyer is created. For a certain value which he sees in goods/service, the buyer is ready to pay. And thanks to these processes the company exists, increasing the equity. The paradox is that in the same processes of the company not only earn but also manage to lose a considerable money because of incorrectly built business processes and inefficiently used resources.

With a certain share of the convention, it is possible to tell that the process-oriented approach appeared as an addition to functional (a division of the organization into specialized functional zones/departments). Functional approach has a number of essential shortcomings (for example, departments exist in caring only for the specialized area of activities). The process approach, in turn, levels these shortcomings and allows to see for the sake of what all actions and what their contribution to the results of the activities of all organization are made.
The majority of modern methodologies of management are based on studying and enhancement of business processes of the organization. Some managerial tools consider and focus attention on the obligation of understanding of the business processes happening in the company and their fixed enhancement without what achievement of effective objectives is impossible.