It is not a surprise to everyone that the latest Star Wars addition, also known as the Star Wars: The Last Jedi didn’t do too well at the box office of China. The collections went to make a very low record in the history of movies. However optimistic might the producers of the movie become, the collections in China during the first and the second day were deeply unsatisfying.

Reasons Why This Movie Failed

With the movie analysts writing different stuff about the movie, it is not true that the marketing strategy has failed in case of the Star Wars movie. Despite all the promotional activities of the movie wh9ch included a red carpet event, several tours to box office regions and many other efforts, it is due to some specific reasons that the movie failed to create the hyped effect in China.

Here we are with those reasons, for you.


  1. Star Wars Movie Never Matched The Taste

It is certainly true that Star Wars could not be deemed as the cultural favorite of the people in China. The additions of the Force Awakens and the Rogue One versions were just merely the nails in the coffins that decided the doom of the movie. It cannot be said that the movie-lovers in China didn’t live the Star Wars dream, but they never really had the chance to see an actual Hollywood movie before. Plus, the last two additions didn’t really leave an impact on the moviegoers of China. This is one of the main reasons why the much-hyped movie failed to make an impact.

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  1. Chinese People Aren’t In Interested IN Hollywood Action Movers

What more can be said about the Chinese people? The land of Shaolin probably wouldn’t take Hollywood action seriously. It will be like yawn-fests for them. The land where Jackie Chan was born, people clearly wouldn’t love seeing the action sequences between the Hollywood stars. The social media commenters of China have made a complaint about the light-saber fights in the movie and called them boring and dull. While we might think that they are awesome and cool, the Chinese clearly didn’t think so. They even made a comment that the fights were clearly choreographed poorly with dull imitations of sword fights.

  1. Dull Aesthetics

This was probably one of the most important reasons for the failure of the movie. Apparently, the color schemes and the aesthetics of the movie were too drab and dull for the taste of China. The audience in China is most likely to enjoy a movie that provides colorful and eye-catching worlds and scenes. Why do you think movies like Avatar and Coco did so well in the Chinese box office?

  1. It Was Not A Science Fiction Film

Well, this is something that we all can agree. Chinese people are suckers for Science fiction movies. We are as well. But they take their science fictions very seriously. There is a reason why people their made movies such as Interstellar and Transformers into such huge hits. Compared to those amazing movies, Star Wars failed to create that effect and was a huge letdown.

  1. Strange Plots And Incidents

This is the straight up answer of the Chinese audience regarding the Star Wars: The Last Jedi. They simply thought that the plot was very weakening and the twists weren’t well, twisty enough. To be simple, the plot wasn’t interesting for them. While we thought that Luke Walker’s death was emotionally intolerable, they didn’t seem to make much sense of it.

Well, when it comes to the Chinese people, there can be some bizarre reasons for them to reject Star Wars.