If you are a regular guitar player, then you might have to carry your guitar amplifier from one place to another. This carrying of the bass amplifier seems to be an easy task, but in reality, it is not exactly so. You need to follow some precautionary measures while handling and transporting the bass amplifier.

For a better idea, you can go through the Marshall AS100D Review which will provide you with a stepwise procedure of proper handling and transport the amplifier for the guitar.

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You should always keep it in mind that, you should never apply excessive force to any of the parts of the guitar amplifier so that the parts are not damaged and are able to function properly. You should always make sure to unplug the cables by a proper and firm gripping of the plugs. You should never pull the cables which might result in damaging the cables rendering them useless.

You can prevent the physical shocks which are caused by bumping or dropping of the guitar amplifier by handling the amplifier exceptionally carefully. You should remember that the physical shocks can result in severe damage to the amplifier for the guitar which is irreversible and hence you would need to purchase a new one.