There are more than 1000 videos of fight in the hood.

One of the fights in the hood videos shows us that a girl stays glued to her phone while her friend is busy fighting with a group of female fighters. After watching this video one wonders that what sort of friendship is this.

There is another fight in the hood video where we see multiple girls fight which broke during the pool party of Drake.  This popular video has been viewed by 984,301 people.

Similarly there is another fight in the hood video where a guy remains on the hood of the car after he and his girlfriend went into an argument with another girl. This video has been viewed by 482,531 people that show its great popularity.

fights in the hood videos

There is one fight in the hoods video which shows us various ways of winning street fights in the hood. This popular video has an astonishing number of viewers with 986420 people.

All the above mentioned videos are funny and full of pranks. Not to mention these videos have gained immense popularity in the last few years. These videos also give us the message that it is not necessary that you have to defend yourself. Moreover you should realize the fact that when you are in the hood you can get yourself trapped in a fight without any valid reason. In addition, if something of this sort happens with you then you should know an effective way to oppose the fighter on the other end.

It is very common to see huge amount of people standing around and cheering the fight. Moreover these people enjoy taking pictures of these hood fights on their smart phones. Surprisingly, you get to notice that the majority of techniques involved in all these fights are not advanced. Due to this you do not see that anybody of these fighters getting hurt seriously.

Once you watch these fights in the hood videos you might feel scared and sad. All these videos have been posted on the internet by someone else and not the fighters themselves.

 It is always better if we do not take these fights in the hood videos as positive. The good thing is that there are many people who do not support these fights in the hood videos and simultaneously they also want that these videos should be reported to the authorities at the local or state level. Criminal Most of these videos are pretty old but the recent ones can serve as a good proof of negative or criminal activities. People should also realize that whatever they are watching in these fights in the hood videos is not a nuisance and these activities can lead to dire consequences in the near future.

These videos are becoming popular day-by day but proper steps should be taken so that something of this sort does not happen in our day-today life. People who show interests in such fight videos should be the first one to stop watching such videos.